USNA Class of 1941




Last update: 16 January 2006

See ROSTER for address changes: Olga Durgin, FOSTER, Phoebe Gilpin, Margaret Ramage, Jane Trumbull, BARTLETT

Addresses needed for: Mary Spritzen, Roger TURNER, LaVerne Warner.

We know that time flies like an arrow and fruit flies like a banana, but our website flies like an eagle when we get your input. So send us pictures, narratives, comments, news or whatever and we will post them for all to see.

Welcome to the Class of '41 Website, a companion to SHIPMATE which remains the primary source of information about the Class. Please send your communication to the Class Secretary who will publish it in SHIPMATE.

 If you have something you would like to share with the rest of the Class sooner than the next issue of  SHIPMATE is likely to arrive, email Jim Bartlett at  and it will appear promptly on this website. We can handle photos or text or both.


Chairman & Secretary: Capt. Victor Delano USN (Ret)
5610 Wisconsin Avenue, Apt. #1409
Chevy Chase, MD 20815-4439

Vice Chairman: Commander E.C. Hines, Jr. USN (Ret)

Treasurer: Captain Francesco Costagliola USN (Ret)


Although all news of the Class will continue to be published in SHIPMATE, we hope that this companion bumwad will provide a source of standing information such as current addresses and other facts of interest about all of us.  Moreover, for real time bulletins on breaking news and planned events we hope this site will be your source for the latest word on what's ahead.

 Webmaster: Jim Bartlett